Kiwanians aid disaster-stricken areas around the world

May 22, 2019

When a natural disaster strikes, Kiwanians want to help their neighbors. Since January 1, the Kiwanis Children’s Fund has awarded grants to 14 clubs and one district whose communities have been devastated by tornadoes, flooding and typhoons.



Lee County, Alabama

On March 3, more than three dozen tornadoes tore through Alabama, including a deadly EF-4 twister that hit Lee County. That tornado left a path of destruction at least a half-mile wide and killed 23 people, including several children. The Kiwanis Club of Lee County received a grant from the Children’s Fund that helped purchase food, water, clothing, blankets, toiletries, cleaning supplies and first aid supplies. With membership that includes a Lee County deputy sheriff and county commissioner, the club was ready to help. “We know exactly where the need resides,” said President Devin Gibson.

Jefferson City, Missouri

A violent tornado lashed through Missouri on May 22, killing three individuals and causing extensive damage. In the aftermath, the Kiwanis Club of Jefferson City learned what items victims most needed from the local United Way and requested a grant from the Children’s Fund. With the grant, Kiwanians will be collecting, purchasing and distributing food and water and cleaning, first aid and personal hygiene supplies for the victims.


Northern Alabama

Heavy rains in February caused flooding along the Tennessee River in Florence and Muscle Shoals. Many homes were inundated with water that forced residents to flee. The Kiwanis Clubs of Sheffield and Tuscumbia received disaster relief grants to buy hygiene products, cleaning supplies, food and clothing.


Midwest USA

Flooding swept Nebraska and Iowa this spring, destroying homes and taking lives. Nebraska suffered more than US$550 million in public damage, according to the state’s Emergency Management Agency website. Kiwanians in Nebraska, Iowa and Missouri rallied to help their neighbors. Nine clubs used Children’s Fund grants to provide meals during clean-up effortsdistributdiapers and personal hygiene items and send food, cleaning supplies and clothing to people forced from their homes.




Typhoon Usman struck the Philippines on Christmas Day, triggering landslides and floods throughout the southern part of the Luzon island. The storm killed at least 75 people and displaced thousands more. In the aftermath, the Kiwanis Clubs of Metro Iriga and Iriga City received disaster relief grants to provide food, toiletries and blankets to victims.




In April, a torrential rainstorm swept through southern Nepal, destroying homes and leaving at least 28 people dead and hundreds more injured. Kiwanians in Nepal acted quickly and thoroughly. They organized a blood drive in Kathmandu and created an online emergency fundraising page. Thanks to a Children’s Fund disaster relief grant and other district funding, they also provided blankets, clothes, food, drinking water, temporary shelter and hygiene products. 


The Kiwanis Children’s Fund administers grants for disaster relief to provide almost immediate cash to help clubs get supplies to people who are most in need. Each $5,000 grant supports Kiwanis-led disaster relief efforts that address crucial, immediate needs of the affected community. Go to for more information about this program and how you can help.