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80 years of serving kids and helping clubs

Mar 21, 2019

For 80 years, the Kiwanis Children’s Fund has helped Kiwanians make a difference in the lives of children. We’re so grateful to hear kind words from our grant recipients. Each of these stories is made possible by the generous support of Kiwanis members. Kiwanis has 196,000 members worldwide — imagine the lives we could change if every member gave. Help us celebrate 80 years of serving kids and helping clubs. Give a gift today

Sandy Melillo
Kiwanis Club of Oakland Park, Florida
Children’s Fund club grant recipient 

As the grateful recipients of a Kiwanis Children’s Fund grant, we have been able to provide over 100 families with complete holiday meals and 40 families weekly with food for the weekend, so they will not go hungry after only depending on school breakfasts and lunches to feed their children during the week. We could not have obtained this grant without the assistance of the outstanding staff of the Kiwanis Children’s Fund. 

Major General (Retired) Victor J.B. Rana 
Kiwanis Club of Kathmandu City
Children’s Fund club grant recipient 

Children around the world need the support of Children’s Fund. Many children are not as blessed as others. Many need proper education, good health and nutrition. The money provided by the Children’s Fund is of the utmost necessity to plug those gaps. The grant our club received is indeed a gesture of the kindness shown by generous people for the betterment of children. Our club would like to thank them all sincerely for their generosity.  

Dr. Will Zeck
Head of global maternal, newborn and adolescent health, UNICEF 

We at UNICEF very much appreciate Kiwanis’s support. But it’s not only us. It’s also stakeholders on the ground that I have met — in the Philippines, for instance, where government and other partners were so grateful and also knew Kiwanis very well. 


Gina Apinyavat
Circle K International member at UCLA 

The Kiwanis Children's Fund helped our club put on our single service event of the quarter. Without this funding, UCLA Circle K wouldn't have been able to provide transportation for 50 elementary school students to the California Science Center for a fun and educational field trip. We are grateful for the Kiwanis Children's Fund because without it we wouldn't have been able to execute our event and impact the children of our community!  

Key Leader student

I never expected for this weekend to be “that weekend” — the weekend I embrace myself as I am, the weekend I actually realize my potential impact on the world. 

Mother of Key Leader student

The lessons of that weekend are resounding in our home today, and my thankfulness to you for giving of yourself to develop these kids at such a critical time in their lives is very real for me. 

Mary Winfree
Kiwanis Club of Robeson County
Disaster relief grant recipient 

The Kiwanis Children’s Fund was a pleasure to work with. My family, my Kiwanis family, continues to grow through partnerships to serve others. That was certainly true in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence as we pulled our resources together, met new members of the Kiwanis family and helped our community. This would not have happened without the amazing support of the Kiwanis Children’s Fund and its team. 


Bob Moore
Kiwanis Club of Venice, Florida
Participant in UNICEF iodine deficiency field visit to Ghana

We traveled to remote villages and met with the villages’ leaders under trees. Children would come over and lift their heads so we could see if they had goiters, an indicator of iodine deficiency. That experience changed my life, and I determined I would champion children’s issues.