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Keeping up the fight against MNT

Jan 23, 2019

As our new year continues, so does our fight against maternal and neonatal tetanus. If adequate funding is available in 2019, we anticipate seeing the following countries complete immunization activities and prepare for pre-validation and validation surveys (the final steps to becoming MNT-free): 

  • Chad, a landlocked African nation of 14.5 million people, is one of the poorest in the world. Their validation survey is scheduled for January and February 2019.
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo is largely afflicted by armed conflict, and many of its children face a lack of basic health, nutrition and educational services. Their validation survey is scheduled for July 2019, along with a review of insecure areas.
  • Mali is beset with violence and much of its population is displaced. Southern Mali (home to 90 percent of the country’s population) completed a validation survey in November and is awaiting notification of the results from the World Health Organization. In early 2019, the nation will review its northern districts.
  • Guinea’s progress against MNT was disrupted by the Ebola outbreak in 2015, but it will complete immunizations in the second quarter of 2019, followed by a pre-validation survey later this year.
  • Sudan’s population, especially its children, bear the brunt of many crises, including war, disease, malnutrition and poverty. The last round of immunizations against tetanus is scheduled for 33 districts this spring.

    In 2018, nine African nations held a workshop to finalize action plans for MNT elimination. This year, we’re looking forward to a similar consultation in the Middle East and North Africa region.  

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