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Germany fulfills its pledge to The Eliminate Project!

Nov 30, 2018

Congratulations, Germany!  The district has fulfilled its pledge to The Eliminate Project, becoming the second district to reach this milestone.

Germany submitted its final payment toward its US$843,085 pledge in October.

How did the district do it? Dr. Julio Srulijes, Kiwanis Children’s Fund ambassador and district chair, said the key was having the right volunteers in place. He credited The Eliminate Project advocate Stefan Uhrig for inspiring the district and laying the groundwork.

"Being part of this great campaign on such a level was a great honor for me," Uhrig said. "I am so grateful to my predecessors and all German Kiwanis who participated in The Eliminate Project, especially the many legacy clubs!"

Like many districts, Germany’s clubs held fundraisers to support The Eliminate Project — and often split the proceeds with local projects. One uniquely German fundraiser encouraged members to forgo wiener schnitzel and instead donate that money to The Eliminate Project! Srulijes also said regional and district meetings were held for club and divisional leaders to emphasize the importance of completing the district’s pledge.

The district also stayed focused on its pledge by sharing news and fundraising ideas through monthly emails to all members, the district magazine, Facebook and other digital media.

Because of contributions from Kiwanians like those in Germany, mothers in more countries no longer fear losing a child to neonatal tetanus. Other countries are close to eliminating MNT. For them, the fight is more urgent than ever.

“Congratulations and thank you to the Kiwanians of the Germany District for completing their generous pledge to The Eliminate Project. Europe is leading the way in pledge completion!” said Ann Updegraff Spleth, chief operating officer of the Kiwanis Children’s Fund. “The vulnerable mothers and babies of the world are being saved and protected by your dedication and devotion to the elimination of this scandal of a disease, which steals our children, breaks our hearts and is totally preventable.”