Kenya eliminates maternal and neonatal tetanus!

Jul 05, 2018

DSC_0452Mothers in Kenya will no longer fear their babies dying of maternal and neonatal tetanus. Kenya is to become the 25th country to eliminate MNT since Kiwanis International partnered with UNICEF USA in 2010 to fight the deadly disease. 

Soon, the country will receive a certificate from the World Health Organization stating it is free of MNT. That means there are only 14 countries where babies still face the threat of dying from this painful and often fatal disease.

In 2014, Kiwanis International and UNICEF USA sent a delegation to Kenya to witness UNICEF’s immunization efforts. During the visit, they visited with women who were waiting to be vaccinated and toured a sub-country hospital where they learned about the educational work being done.

But a baby still dies of MNT every 15 minutes, and mothers in the remaining 14 countries are waiting for help. Please fulfill your pledge to protect and save even more babies.  

Read more from UNICEF USA about the challenges Kenya overcame to meet this major public health milestone. Also, hear a special message from the UNICEF Kenya office to Kiwanis International.