Disaster Relief Grants in 2017-18

Feb 21, 2018

As we approach our sixth month of the 2017-18 Kiwanis year, many Kiwanis areas have been struck by natural disasters. Luckily, when disaster strikes, the Kiwanis family responds. And these Kiwanis clubs and districts have been the grateful recipients of grant funding from the Kiwanis Children’s Fund for their disaster relief efforts in 2017-18. Sincere thanks to those who have donated to support our disaster relief fund. You make these projects possible.

Earthquake, Taiwan

February 2018

Taiwan District

A magnitude 6.0 earthquake struck communities in eastern Taiwan in early February, destroying buildings and taking lives in the process. The Kiwanis District of Taiwan quickly applied for and received a disaster relief grant from the Children’s Fund to supply clothing, blankets, cleaning supplies, first aid and toiletries to those impacted.

Mount Mayon Volcano Eruption, Philippines

January and February 2018

Kiwanis Club of New Dynamic Builders-Legazpi and Kiwanis Club of Legazpi City

Philippine Luzon District

After the Mount Mayon volcano erupted in the Philippines, two local Kiwanis clubs sprung to action, with help from to grants from the Children’s Fund. Kiwanians brought clothing, blankets, food, cleaning supplies, sleeping kits and hygiene kits to victims of the disaster.

Flash floods, Malaysia

November 2017

Malaysia District

Parts of Malaysia were struck by sudden torrential rains in November, causing widespread flash flooding. Quickly, the Kiwanis District of Malaysia was there to help those in need. With a grant from the Children’s Fund, Kiwanians were able to provide clothing, food, medicine and water.