Grant feature: Building a sense of exploration

Sep 12, 2017

DSC_0704When you’re a kid with autism spectrum disorder, or ASD, the nervous system struggles to receive and filter sensory information. Experiences that other people find normal can be intense or disorienting. That makes learning and day-to-day life challenging.

In Timisoara, Romania, more than 200 children with ASD now have access to a “sensory room” and sensory integration therapy from specialists. The Timisoara Kiwanis Club made it happen. Teaming up with a local nonprofit social-service provider, they got the room up and running. And it operates without cost to families—thanks in part to a grant from the Kiwanis Children’s Fund.

“The Children’s Fund helped make better lives for more than 200 children—and built the foundation for a service that will last for years to come,” said Past Club President Daniel Kostyal.

The result: Kids with ASD have a place to relax, learn and explore. Ultimately, it’s more than just a space. It’s a standing example of the many ways kids lives are improved when we partner with clubs.