Inspire your club with fresh ideas

Sep 07, 2017

A fundraiser doesn’t have to be a huge endeavor. Take advantage of what’s already on your club, family, neighborhood and school schedules this fall to educate and raise funds for The Eliminate Project, the Children's Fund or your own club service projects. Your club could: 

Clean out and clean up. Forget “spring” cleaning. When seasons change, old stuff turns up to sell—and crisp fall temperatures make sales events more shoppable. Find an empty and available garage, deliver items the week before and gather on Saturday to sell it all. Post signs, pass out brochures and play inspirational videos so that people know they are shopping for a good cause. Some community members may simply want to donate to the cause rather than purchase an item. 

·         Rake in the leafy green. You have to do it anyway. Why not offer to help your neighbors for a small fee? Raking is exercise, it’s eco-friendly—and when you do it for others with Service Leadership Program clubs, it builds community. Charge a small amount ($1–$2) per bag, or charge per yard. Create teams to take on different neighborhoods and see who can raise the most money for The Eliminate Project or the Children's Fund.

Tip: This is a great project for Service Leadership Programs. 

·         Make marshmallow money. At your club’s fall festival, campfire, cookout or tailgate, sell pre-made marshmallow-roasting kits. Offer extra supplies for spare change, providing each customer with information on The Eliminate Project or the Children's Fund to boost awareness.

·         Get crafty. Create fall-inspired wreaths, table décor or artwork in exchange for donations to your cause. Invite the community to a craft night, charging an entrance fee to raise money for the cause. Or sell your masterpieces. Consider upcoming markets, festivals or other community events.