Some gifts can provide you with payments for life

May 25, 2017
If you’ve been experiencing the ups and downs of the stock market, or living off the interest of certificates of deposit that pay a fraction of what they did years ago, now may be the time for you to consider making a planned gift that will provide you with a stream of payments for life. 

And by setting up a charitable gift annuity, you can ensure it will support the work of dedicated Kiwanians long after your lifetime. 

The gift annuity works like a commercial annuity, except part of your gift (of either cash or stock) qualifies for a charitable tax deduction. In exchange, you get a set amount of the original gift as a payment for life. The percent is determined by your age at the time the gift is made. Additionally, part of the payments off the gift is free of tax.

More complex gift instruments are also available. Contact Kiwanis Children’s Fund Chief Operating Officer Ann Updegraff Spleth for more information.

One of the best things about these types of planned gifts is that you can designate the Kiwanis Children’s Fund as the beneficiary of the remainder of the gift. That way, you can ensure you will support the important work of Kiwanians who are serving the children of the world long after your death. 

Contact the Kiwanis Children’s Fund to talk about how these plans might work for you. Laws and regulations vary depending on where you live, so you’ll want to consult with your legal or financial advisor, as well.