Have fun with these fundraising ideas

May 01, 2017

Poolside Kiwanis event
Looking for some new ideas for energizing your club, raising funds and engaging the community? Support the Kiwanis Children’s Fund with an activity that brings friends, family and community together.

  1. Community block party. A block party takes a little extra planning, but it’s the perfect fundraiser—getting people together for fun that can include anything from barbecue, watermelon eating contests and sprinkler fun to fireworks and live music! Consider incorporating fundraising events to maximize donations. Do your best to get local residents on board so you avoid noise complaints. And recruit a team of volunteers to help with the event. Of course, this is also a great opportunity to invite neighbors to learn a little more about Kiwanis! A cook-off is a great complement to any block party. Pick a summer classic, like apple pies, burgers or chili, and get people cooking! Let party guests vote using a secret ballot—or even appoint a judging panel. Just have fun with it! Look into getting a local chef or cooking supply shop to donate cooking lessons or a gift card to the winner. Keep the party going late into the night and let your cause reap the financial rewards.
  2. Garage or yard sale. Clear the clutter and raise lots of money: Bring everyone together for one large sale. Have someone share information about Kiwanis. Take this opportunity to also sell some hamburgers, hotdogs and lemonade.
  3. Car wash. This tried-and-true fundraiser is a natural choice for summer, since groups of all sizes can run a profitable car wash. Charge extra to have tire rims polished. Give a flyer or brochure to customers that explains more about Kiwanis and the Kiwanis Children’s Fund.
  4. Wine or beer tasting. Find an outdoor venue, get wine donated from local shops, and invite people who are at least 21 to pay a small fee to participate. Members of your community will jump at the chance to sample wine while doing a good thing for kids.
  5. Summer concert. Set up a concert at a local venue, or even in a member’s backyard. Whether you showcase local talent or family and friends, a benefit concert or an “open mic” night are great ways to let the good times roll... and the donations roll in. Local bands mighty play for free since it’s a terrific opportunity for them to display their talents. This is an especially popular option for attracting kids and teens.
  6. Bike-a-thon. What’s better than getting outside to feel the cool wind in your hair? You can charge registrants a small entrance fee, and then ask them to collect sponsorships for the miles they ride. A swim-a-thon is another option.
  7. Pool party. If you have the resources (a pool, for starters—but also proper supervision for any children), this is an awesome summer fundraiser! Sell snacks, raffle off prizes, and set up carnival-type games, such as a ring toss!
  8. Duck race. After each participant pays to receive a numbered rubber duck, the race down the stream begins! Whoever has the duck that makes it to the ending point first is the winner—that lucky duck.
  9. Rock-a-thon. Find a roomy porch or space, gather rocking chairs from your community, and have each participant pay to rock for a set period. This activity fosters fellowship and fun, and it’s a clever way to involve people of all ages and physical abilities.
  10. Water balloon fight. Designate a field, park or open space as your “Splash Zone.” Then spread the word that you are organizing “the largest water balloon fight in community history.” Donors can pay a fee for each filled water balloon, or your club can make it a team event and charge a registration fee. You could even sell snacks and drinks to raise extra money.
  11. Ice cream events. Approach a local ice cream or frozen yogurt shop or grocer, and ask whether they would like to provide the ice cream and cones—in exchange for public acknowledgement of their role in a good cause. Many shops will even host a charity ice cream cone day where with each cone sold, a portion of the proceeds goes to charity.
  12. Golf tournament. Golf events can be lucrative. Partner with a local golf course, and then approach both corporate sponsors and donors about buying spots in your tournament. Make a whole day of it! Start with breakfast and finish with a dinner and silent auction.

Whatever you do, have fun and take the opportunity to spread the word about Kiwanis.