Is it time to review your will?

Apr 20, 2017

Did you know your will is the clearest statement about your values you’ll ever make? When was the last time you reviewed your will? Does it still communicate the values you hold? Is it up to date?

A change in circumstances like marriages, the birth of children or grandchildren, deaths or just the passage of time often triggers the need to change your will. No estate is too small for a will.

Reviewing your will provides you the opportunity to make sure the people and charitable causes most important to you are supported long after your lifetime. Additionally, a will lets you:
 - Designate who will act as executor of your estate in probate.
 - Specify which items of property will go to specific individuals.
 - Leave property and gifts to charitable organizations.
 - Carry your values into the future in perpetuity.
Without a will, the state or province may decide how your assets are distributed. You won’t get a vote!

To learn more about ways to leave a gift in your will—including the types of assets that could ease the tax burden on your heirs—talk with your legal and financial advisor or contact Ann Updegraff Spleth at the Kiwanis Children’s Fund: