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Infant mortality rate from tetanus drops

Feb 10, 2017

Kiwanis’ partner UNICEF recently let us know the official news: fewer babies are dying of neonatal tetanus. A lot fewer babies.

In just  two years, the mortality rate from neonatal tetanus has dropped from 49,000 per year to 34,000 per year, a decrease of 30 percent.

At 96 deaths per day, this is the first time in recorded history that the neonatal tetanus mortality rate has dropped below 100 per day. Put another way, today a baby dies approximately every 15 minutes from tetanus, an event that occurred every nine minutes at the start of The Eliminate Project.

"Of course, we are thrilled to hear this news of our progress," says Kiwanis International President Jane Erickson. "At the same time, our resolve to finish the fight has never been stronger. No baby or mother should die of tetanus. We won't settle for a 30 percent drop. We want a 100 percent drop. That’s why I’m asking all Kiwanians to please send their life-saving donations today to help us achieve elimination.”

The significant decrease in neonatal tetanus  mortality is yet more proof of the significant and real return on investment that Kiwanis, UNICEF and all its partners receive from the work we do to serve children. Kids need Kiwanis. And Kiwanians will finish the fight to eliminate MNT.