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Two nations are ready to immunize now, funding needed

Jan 12, 2017
When help is needed, Kiwanis responds. Kiwanis’ work to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus has changed the world. Globally, 41 out of 59 countries have been officially validated for MNT elimination.
Over the next three months, two more countries plan to implement immunization campaigns to eliminate this preventable disease. To make their plans a reality, they need funding support. 
Papua New Guinea 
Papua New Guinea has been conducting immunization campaigns since 2012. The country conducted an assessment in 2016 and identified four high-risk and nine medium-risk provinces that require corrective activities. Immunization activities for the high-risk districts are already funded. UNICEF urgently needs approximately US$2 million in order to reach the 786,000 women in the medium-risk provinces who require immunizations during the first quarter of 2017. 
South Sudan 
UNICEF aims to conduct the final round of immunization activities in 76 districts, some of which are conflict states, targeting 640,000 women. There is an estimated funding gap of US$132,000 for the cost of devices and operational support. South Sudan is in the midst of an internal conflict and has deteriorating security, making access to these states fragile. It is imperative we fund these activities now or risk losing the opportunity to save and protect lives indefinitely. 
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