New position available: Ambassador

Dec 15, 2016
The Kiwanis Children’s Fund is excited to accept nominations for the new volunteer position of ambassador.

Ambassadors are key to the Kiwanis Children’s Fund continuing success. They are passionate advocates of our mission. They are constant communicators of our core values. They build and strengthen relationships between the Children’s Fund and Kiwanians in their region.

The Kiwanis Children’s Fund ambassadors provide a critical connection between district chairs, district advocates and the Children’s Fund Board of Trustees and staff. They are resources in fundraising and the training of volunteers. Ambassadors create a culture of mutual accountability between our members and the Children’s Fund that is necessary to build support for the children of the world.

The Kiwanis Children’s Fund is looking for qualified individuals to serve as our ambassadors. In the inaugural year for this new position, 14 ambassadors will be nominated for a three-year term.  Ambassadors will represent an entire region, encouraging and coordinating the work of volunteer leaders such as district chairs and district advocates.

Kiwanis members are invited to nominate talented individuals whose expertise and background will further the Kiwanis Children’s Fund mission and future growth. The selection and recruitment of ambassadors will be a process of strategic, thoughtful consideration administered by the Children’s Fund Board of Trustees.

We are seeking to fill the following positions:
  • North America (8 positions:5 United States, 2 Canada, 1 Latin America)
  • Europe (3 positions)
  • Asia Pacific (3 positions)
Nomination process
  1. Nominations must be submitted on the Kiwanis Children’s Fund Ambassador Nomination Form. Nominations must be postmarked by or emailed to the Children’s Fund office by (update: this deadline has been extended to January 27, 2017).
  2. Selected nominees will be screened and approved per guidelines established by our board of trustees.
  3. Final nominations will be reviewed at the 2017 spring board meeting. Notifications will be sent within seven days of approval.
  4. Ambassadors are required to attend training, hosted by the Kiwanis Children’s Fund. The training date will be announced at the time of notification.  
Questions about the nomination process can be directed to Jereme Grinslade at

To get started, download the following form and related information:
If you are nominating multiple candidates, please download one form for each individual. We appreciate your careful consideration of candidates during this important process.