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Equatorial Guinea eliminates MNT

Dec 09, 2016
Mother and newborn at health centern in Equatorial Guinea, 2004
We have one more reason for celebration this holiday season: maternal and neonatal tetanus has been eliminated in Equatorial Guinea. Validation surveys conducted by World Health Organization confirm that the country is the 41st to eliminate the deadly disease since 2000.

“The commitment and passion that Kiwanians around the world have for The Eliminate Project is an incredible thing to behold,” says Caryl M. Stern, U.S. Fund for UNICEF president and chief executive officer. “Thanks to your support, UNICEF and partners are reaching more women with the tetanus vaccine than ever before.”

Earlier this year we celebrated similar achievements in Indonesia and Niger. While this is great progress, let’s not forget that MNT still threatens millions of lives in 18 countries. They need us to continue to fulfill pledges quickly and release the funds that UNICEF needs to reach those nations. So keep going, because when your goal is to change the world, every penny counts.

“During this holiday season, let’s reflect on all of the successes that we have had together, and renew our commitment to eliminate MNT from all corners of the world!” says Stern.

Thank you for your commitment and support. Together, let’s celebrate an MNT-free Equatorial Guinea!