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Revamping district grants...and what it means for you

Nov 22, 2016
Each year the Kiwanis Children’s Fund awards short-term grants to eligible Kiwanis International districts—equal to five percent of the district’s total unrestricted giving during the previous administrative year.
The Children’s Fund is excited to announce an upgrade to this program. Beginning October 1, 2017: Eligible Kiwanis International districts can apply for a grant equal to 15 percent of total district annual fund gifts made the previous administrative year. That’s triple the percentage available in previous years.
So the more undesignated gifts to the Children’s Fund that originate from your district during the 2016–17 year, the larger the grant your district could receive next fall. Remember, this total includes gifts from individuals, clubs and other entities within your area.
Take a look at the table below for more information.
Donation year Year the District Grant is awarded Calculation of grant amount 
2015–16 2016–17 5% of total 2015–16 unrestricted gifts from within the district
2016–17 2017–18 15% of total 2016–17 unrestricted gifts from within the district
2017–18 2018–19 15% of total 2017–18 unrestricted gifts from within district

Check your district’s giving totals throughout the year.