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The bare necessities

Nov 18, 2016
More than a month has passed since Hurricane Matthew struck the Caribbean and eastern United States, but the healing and repairs are ongoing. The Pembroke, North Carolina, Kiwanis Club hoped to make the process a little easier for its community. The club received a disaster relief grant from the Kiwanis Children’s Fund to provide immediate assistance.

The storm impacted Robeson County with torrential rains, causing flooding throughout the rural area. Weeks after, an estimated 3,000 people were living in six converted school buildings for shelter. With many of the impacted families living in poverty, resources to replace necessities were scarce. The Pembroke club worked with school social workers, who determined clothing, food and school supplies were among the urgent needs for local children displaced by the disaster.

With the help of the disaster relief grant, the club of only 22 members was able to make a significant impact in its community. Many members have also assisted with meal preparations, donations and rescues.

Unfortunately, disaster relief is needed year-round throughout the world. Your gift today can help other Kiwanis clubs impact their communities when emergency relief is needed. Make your gift—it’s a simple way to make a big difference. Give by check or text “aid” to 50155.