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We are family

Nov 02, 2016
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Celebrate family all month long—the Kiwanis family that is. November is Kiwanis family month, the time of year dedicated to commemorating all branches of Kiwanis.

K-Kids, Builders Club, Key Club International, Circle K International, Aktion Club and adult Kiwanis clubs unite around one mission: serving the children of the world. Need inspiration on how to partner with other Kiwanis family members? We have some ideas:

Team up to make a difference. Partner with other Kiwanis family clubs to plan a fundraiser for the Kiwanis Children’s Fund or The Eliminate Project. Host a pumpkin-decorating contest. Spice up your average bake sale. Show a family-friendly film. Involve the entire Kiwanis family in the event; more helpers and attendees mean more funds raised—and more fun.

Inspire each other. Invite members from another club to join an upcoming meeting. Take time to share why you are passionate about saving women and babies from tetanus. Ask your guests to tell why they support the Kiwanis Children’s Fund. Even the smallest K-Kid member can motivate the crowd.

Make it a family affair. Host a family day for all of the clubs in your area and their families. You will have the chance to interact with other service-minded people of all ages as well as educate other members of the community on our mission. Plan special activities like a raffle, community picnic or a live auction. Don’t forget, event programming should include activities for all age levels.

Don’t forget to share your fundraising ideas with us as well as post pictures from your activities on our Facebook or Twitter accounts.