“Kiwanians Kare” in Louisiana

Oct 10, 2016
Separated by roughly 80 miles, two Kiwanis communities unite following a disaster.

Recent flooding in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, hit home with club members in the New Orleans community. In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, many of the members experienced the devastation that comes after a natural disaster—from the cleanup to the tremendous loss and grief that follows. Luckily, the Kiwanis family was there to help.

Clubs in Division 4A and surrounding areas in the Louisiana-Mississippi-West Tennessee District, which includes New Orleans, decided it was their turn to provide support.

The Kiwanis Club of New Orleans received a disaster-relief grant from the Kiwanis Children's Fund to help fund their “Kiwanis Kares” program. The seven clubs in the division will use the funding—in addition to their own resources and donations from businesses—to extend their impact in Walker, Louisiana. On November 12, the clubs will provide 1,000 hot meals and “energy-to-go” packs to members of the community, where flooding damaged more than 60 percent of homes and businesses. The energy packs include protein bars, fruit, mints, gum, baby wipes and sports drinks.

Service Leadership Program clubs they sponsor will pitch in by entertaining children with crafts and games.

Remaining meals and energy-to-go packs will be delivered to people throughout the community who could not attend the event.

Unfortunately, disaster relief is needed year-round throughout the world. Your gift today can help other Kiwanis clubs impact their communities when emergency relief is needed. Make your gift—it’s a simple way to make a big difference. Give online or text “aid” to 50155.