Grant application deadline: November 15

Oct 07, 2016
Remember, November 15 is the deadline for Kiwanis-family grant applications.

Has your club, district or district foundation been working on an application? Use this time to carefully review your request. Make sure you’ve followed the instructions. And read the grant materials carefully, thinking about how each answer in your application reflects your commitment to your project. Applications should be comprehensive and detailed. Be specific, especially when it comes to your budget.

Don’t miss out on funding because you didn’t follow the instructions or left out essential information. We recommend downloading the scoring rubric to ensure your application will score well.

It’s not too late to get started on an application—but we recommend working on it as soon as possible. Kiwanis district foundations, districts and clubs are welcome to apply. The types of projects we fund vary in size, depth and scope, with priority given to Kiwanis Service Leadership Programs and projects involving children. Grants can be used to help projects that are already in place or those just getting started.