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Celebrating progress and lives protected

Sep 21, 2016


Kiwanis has the power to keep millions of newborns safe from maternal and neonatal tetanus—and in the comfort of their mothers’ arms. The elimination of MNT will be a remarkable global achievement. But it requires our continued dedication.  

We have made great progress. In 2015 alone, eight countries conducted tetanus immunization activities reaching 7.8 million women. Thanks to the Kiwanis family, millions of women have been vaccinated. And these women will give birth to babies who are protected against tetanus, keeping their families whole.
2015 also marked the second consecutive year that Kiwanis was the world’s largest private source of financial support for global MNT elimination programming, according to an annual report from the UNICEF.
“We thank the entire Kiwanis family for its generous contributions and for the incalculable hours of service that Kiwanis members devote to The Eliminate Project,” says Michael Grudzinski, director of global cause partnerships at U.S. Fund for UNICEF.
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