Kenna Fosnacht awarded 2016 John E. Mayfield Circle K Scholarship

Sep 01, 2016

Kenna Fosnacht
Kenna poses with John Mayfield during CKIx in Toronto, Ontario.

In honor of the many students going back to school this month, we are proud to introduce another 2015–16 scholarship recipient. Check the blog for more scholarship recipients’ stories from recent coming weeks as we celebrate these outstanding students.

During her college career, Kenna Fosnacht has earned impressive accolades: Dean’s list recipient, Tri Beta biology honors society member, 2015 Leadership Academy graduate and Saint Martin’s University Circle K International club president. She can now add 2016 John E. Mayfield Circle K Scholarship recipient to her list.
Kenna currently studies biology at Saint Martin’s University in Washington and hopes to pursue a career in scientific research.

“My studies in biology and involvement in the Kiwanis family have allowed me to cultivate valuable leadership and communication skills that will help me secure a job in the future,” Kenna says. “I am passionate about inspiring children to pursue their love of science, and hope to continue this work in the future.”

John Mayfield established his scholarship fund in 2015 to support CKI students like Kenna. Believing his purpose in life is to do charitable activities, he has expressed his passion for philanthropy through the Kiwanis International Foundation since he joined Kiwanis in 2007.

Kenna Fosnacht