Volunteer spotlight: Motivated to make a difference

Aug 19, 2016
When motivated to save lives, humans achieve incredible things. They become heroes. We see that in the Kiwanis family. We see it in our dedicated volunteers—those who are motivated to protect women and babies from maternal and neonatal tetanus.

Bill Boyd, past governor of the Louisiana-Mississippi-West Tennessee District and a volunteer for The Eliminate Project, understands this inspiration. In approximately three months of person-to-person contacts, Bill raised US$61,974 from sixty people for The Eliminate Project plus an additional 23 pending commitments.

Additionally, Bill compiled a list of 340 individual prospects in addition to the 131 calls he has made to set up one-on-one meetings. His plan is working—and he is still going. But Bill knows individuals cannot eliminate MNT alone.

“When all Kiwanians get together, we make a huge impact,” Bill says. “We have been successful. We have proven we can do it.”

Bill is referring to the IDD campaign, a global achievement for the Kiwanis family. It was during that campaign when Bill realized his passion for serving the children of the world. In 1998 he was driving through the rain to make a speech in Lafayette, Louisiana when he crashed his car. Luckily, he survived. After that, he felt he had been saved for a purpose. He felt his purpose was the IDD campaign. The Memphis club, his home club, achieved the ninth highest per-member average giving during that campaign.

Now he feels like he is fulfilling that same purpose through The Eliminate Project.

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