Make the most of your district convention

Aug 09, 2016
With the start of August came the beginning of district convention season. That means Kiwanis International Foundation district chairs and The Eliminate Project district advocates around the world are working hard to make the most of their conventions for their fellow Kiwanians.

Whether you're a first-year Kiwanian, one of our generous volunteers or a passionate advocate, you will benefit from attending your district convention. Check out these tips and resources:

Save lives. Consider making a gift to The Eliminate Project and encourage others to fulfill their gifts—so we can turn promises into funding; funding into vaccines; and vaccines into lives saved and futures protected. Your district advocate will have gift forms available.

Lift a finger to help. Support the Kiwanis Children’s Fund by texting “TODAY” to 50155. Then spread the word!

Stay current. Find out the latest fundraising and elimination updates during the convention at campaign workshops, presentations and at The Eliminate Project table. Then head over to the Kiwanis International Foundation booth for even more information.

Know your numbers. Find out your district’s latest giving totals, or see how your district's and club's per-member giving average compares to others. Annual giving reports for the Kiwanis Children’s Fund are updated regularly and available to download. (Contact for The Eliminate Project fundraising totals.)

Get social. Share updates and photos from the district convention on social media. You can also send your story for our blog.

Give a presentation of your own. Download our new PowerPoint template. Make sure to update the information in these resources as needed.