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State of our foundation

Jul 22, 2016
Kiwanis International Foundation President Mark Rabaut led our foundation’s annual meeting during the recent Kiwanis International convention in Toronto. This year’s meeting focused on the highlights from the last fiscal year as well as some notable mentions from this year.
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Highlights from 2014–15:
  • The Kiwanis International Foundation Board of Trustees voted to increase endowment spending for programs from four percent to five percent. This allows our foundation to increase the funds we use to support Kiwanis-family projects around the world through our grantmaking program.
  • Our board approved grants totaling more than US$485,000 to support 229 projects within the Kiwanis family.
  • Our foundation is strong and growing—and people are noticing. In the past three years, programs and services have expanded by more than 35 percent.
  • At the end of 2014–15, the Kiwanis International Foundation had total assets of just under $47 million, including pledges from The Eliminate Project. Overall, our assets are up from $36.4 million the year before. Our total revenue was up slightly from the previous year, and reached $25.7 million.
Other notable highlights:
  • An assessment of our foundation was conducted by an outside consulting firm to identify our strengths and areas for growth. Following the assessment, an implementation team was launched, led by foundation trustee George Cadman. George and his team have reviewed the findings as well as research conducted by the Kiwanis International communications team under the leadership of Kiwanis Chief Communications Officer, Amy Wiser, to make recommendations to the board.
  • Our board approved Filip Delanote for the newly created role of foundation ambassador to Europe. With Filip’s guidance, we have strengthened our relationship with our European Kiwanis-family members.
  • Our foundation Nominating Committee recommended, and our board approved, these individuals to serve three-year terms as trustees for our foundation beginning in 2016–17
    • Yu-Mei Shih, Taiwan District
    • Bob Garretson, Rocky Mountain District
    • Jim Dooley, Illinois-Eastern Iowa District
  • George Cadman, Pacific Northwest District, was elected as Kiwanis International Foundation treasurer.
  • Just 16 short years ago —in 2000, maternal and neonatal tetanus was a public health problem in 59 countries. A decade later, UNICEF had eliminated MNT in 20 countries. And since Kiwanis partnered with UNICEF in 2011, another 20 countries have eliminated MNT, leaving only 19 countries to go.
  • In the past year alone, Kiwanis funds have helped UNICEF reach more than 9 million women in nine countries.