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The Eliminate Project nears halfway point

Jul 20, 2016
Fundraising update
The halfway point is in sight. As of July 18, 2016, paid gifts to The Eliminate Project total more than US$54.9 million. We are so close! Help us celebrate 50 percent of our fundraising goal. Encourage members of your club and district to fulfill commitments today.

District conventions are the perfect time to rally support and inspire with good news. In addition to making strides in fundraising, The Eliminate Project has seen substantial progress in the field.

In the last few months, we celebrated Niger and Indonesia eliminating MNT. This month, Haiti plans to conduct a pre-validation assessment, the second-to-last step in determining whether the country has eliminated maternal and neonatal tetanus. Haiti is the last country in the western hemisphere where MNT is still a threat. The Democratic Republic of Congo also plans pre-validation assessments in July—followed by Chad, which is scheduled to conduct pre-validation surveys in September.

Progress like this is made possible by generous donors like the Kiwanis family. And it can only continue if we continue to fulfill our promises. Finish the fight.

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