Progress in Haiti

Jun 22, 2016
Haiti’s action plan against maternal and neonatal tetanus has faced plenty of challenges—from availability of resources and competing priorities to geographic access and natural disasters. But the nation battles on. And women are getting the vaccinations they need.

For example, Fortuna was accompanying her cousin to a clinic when the cousin’s child was being vaccinated. While there, her cousin mentioned the station outside the door, where other women were arriving to be vaccinated against MNT. Fortuna decided to get vaccinated—so she will be protected when she decides to have her own children.

She’s one of many women whom the Kiwanis family and UNICEF are reaching. In fact, Haiti plans to conduct a pre-validation assessment in July, the second-to-last step in determining whether  the country has eliminated MNT.
Haiti is the last country in the western hemisphere where MNT is still a threat.
The Democratic Republic of Congo also plans pre-validation assessments in July—followed by Chad, which is scheduled to conduct pre-validation surveys in September. Progress like this is made possible by generous donors like the Kiwanis family. And it can only continue if we continue to fulfill our promises.
The sooner individuals, clubs and districts fulfill their commitments, the sooner the Kiwanis International Foundation can grant funds to UNICEF to use in the field. Honor your commitment today—so that women like Fortuna can protect themselves and their future babies.