A story of loss in Pakistan

May 09, 2016
Shahnaz Bibi of the Nusrat Town, Sahiwal District, vividly recalls the painful details of losing her newborn child, Shimroz, to tetanus. Shimroz is one of nearly 49,000 newborns who die of neonatal tetanus every year.

“I never realized the importance of receiving tetanus toxoid shots during pregnancy until the sad death of Shimroz on the second day after his birth,” recollects Shahnaz.

Despite her willingness to go for health care services, her husband and in-laws put restrictions on her movements.

Neonatal tetanus remains a public health problem in areas of Pakistan. But the country is striving to change that. Last month Pakistan successfully completed a pre-validation survey in the Punjab district, which represents 53 percent of the country’s population. This is the next-to-last step in determining whether the area has successfully eliminated maternal and neonatal tetanus.

Through The Eliminate Project, Kiwanis is transforming tragedy into hope in Pakistan.