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Easy Eliminate Week ideas

Apr 26, 2016
Eliminate Week kicks off on Monday, May 2. Looking for ideas? We’ve got you covered. Below are simple last-minute ideas your club can still do:
  • Give-something-up day. Make a difference by encouraging your classmates to give something up for just one day. Everyone saves the money they’d normally spend on a pack of gum, a cup of coffee or a new pair of shoes and donates it to The Eliminate Project instead.
  • Host dollar days. Charge students US$1 to do something fun. Here are a few ideas: Dress down day, wear a fun hat day, wear your favorite T-shirt day, pajama day.
  • Collect spare change. Ask for spare change at lunch tables in your cafeteria. Tell students that they’re helping to protect mothers and babies around the world.
  • Button up. Create your very own buttons to wear or sell in order to promote The Eliminate Project in your community. It’s simple! Download our button template.
After your project is complete, submit all funds raised with the Kiwanis family giving form to The Eliminate Project. Then request a 2016 Eliminate Week patch to celebrate your club members’ accomplishments.