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Celebrate lives saved during World Immunization Week

Apr 20, 2016

April 24 marks the beginning of World Immunization Week. Countries across the globe will unite to honor the lifesaving advantages of campaigns like The Eliminate Project.

The Kiwanis family has reached its US$110 million fundraising goal in both pledges and paid gifts. Upon completion of our pledges, more than 55 million women will be immunized, protecting them and their future children from maternal and neonatal tetanus. Our work will eliminate a deadly, preventable disease from the world.

In fact, this month Pakistan successfully completed a pre-validation survey in the Punjab district, which represents 53 percent of the country’s population. This is the next-to-last step in determining whether the area has successfully eliminated MNT. Haiti and the Democratic Republic of Congo have similar assessments planned for later this year.

Help finish the fight—fulfill your pledge to The Eliminate Project. We will truly make history when all the pledges become paid gifts. We’re almost halfway there now. If you’ve pledged a gift, help Kiwanis make history and change the world. Fulfill your promise today.

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