Miles for Moms

Mar 30, 2016
By Michael Moore, University of Alabama Circle K International

Last year I was posed with a powerful question: “What can you do to support The Eliminate Project?” The desired answer was simple. Reach into your wallet and donate US$1.80 or more to protect a mother and her children from maternal and neonatal tetanus.

However, I felt that there was more that could be done and I began formulating a plan to raise funds and awareness for Kiwanis’ Global Campaign for Children. These plans developed into a 700 mile hike spanning the length of the Appalachian Trail—from Virginia to Toronto, the convention site of Kiwanis and Circle K International in June.

I initially saw it as a chance to fulfill a lifelong dream. Yet after learning about The Eliminate Project, I discovered an opportunity to make a global impact. With a team of students passionate about service, Miles for Moms was formed. Through this initiative, the hike became a national campaign to help eliminate MNT.

Miles for Moms hopes to make a significant impact in the fight against MNT, with a goal of raising US$100,000 through the hike and additional fundraising efforts. Each mile of the hike will be sponsored. The sponsorship also extends to a charity run preceding the hike.

With a few months to go before starting the trek, the Miles for Moms team continues to work toward its goal. We look forward to a future where MNT is no longer a threat.

If you would like to learn more about Miles for Moms, please visit