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Skip-A-Meal alternatives for April

Mar 17, 2016

The Skip-A-Meal program has ended. But don’t let this news get you down—or leave you hungry for ideas. Below are five food-related ways to raise funds for the Kiwanis Children’s Fund or The Eliminate Project.

  1. Host a tasting party. Offer a sampling of beverages, chocolate or cheese while you educate people about the Kiwanis International Foundation. Ask vendors to provide products so more money goes directly to your cause.
  2. Dine for donations. Encourage patrons to visit a new or favorite restaurant in exchange for a portion of the proceeds from purchases.
  3. Flip pancakes. Everyone loves pancakes! Charge an entrance fee or per-plate.
  4. Sell snacks. Volunteer to work the concession stand at a local high school or other sporting event—in return for a donation of some of the proceeds to the Kiwanis Children’s Fund or The Eliminate Project. Set out a tip jar to raise extra funds!
  5. Set up shop. Sell goods at your local farmers market. How about vegetables, baked goods or bottled water? Check with your market to see if nonprofit groups receive free booth space.
While the Skip-A-Meal program has ended, we hope that your club will adopt a new fundraising event in April—and throughout the year in support of our foundation.

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