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Calling all grant and scholarship applications

Mar 15, 2016

Remember, April 15 is the deadline for Kiwanis-family grant and scholarship applications. Read through the tips below to ensure your application is ready for submission.

Grant applicants:

Has your club, district or district foundation been working on an application? Before the deadline to submit online, use the remaining time to review it. Make sure you’ve followed the instructions. And read the grant materials carefully, thinking about how each answer in your application reflects your commitment to your project. Applications should be comprehensive and detailed. Be specific, especially when it comes to your budget.

Don’t miss out on funding because you didn’t follow the instructions or left out essential information. Our staff is happy to serve as a resource.

Scholarship applicants:
Circle K International members and graduating Key Club seniors can still apply for 2016 scholarship opportunities.

Applying for a college scholarship can take time, but the effort can be well worth it. This year, US$5,500 is available for eligible Key Club members and US$4,250 for CKI students. Read the instructions carefully for each scholarship application, so you can ensure that yours is complete.

Did you type your application? Do you have the correct envelope size for your finished application packet? These details might seem miniscule, but failing to follow the instructions can make your application ineligible.

For general information about scholarships disbursed by the Kiwanis International Foundation, visit our FAQ page.