Meet The Eliminate Project district advocates

Mar 10, 2016
Just as the Kiwanis International Foundation has district chairs, The Eliminate Project has district representatives available to help. The district advocate role was created on January 1, the beginning of the campaign’s fulfillment phase.
These leaders are available to support clubs and individuals and share important updates from the campaign.
In many cases, the district advocate also served as the district coordinator during the active fundraising phase. They are listed below for your reference.
The Eliminate Project district advocates (alphabetically by district)
Alabama, Armand St. Raymond
Andean and Central America, Julio Linares Franco
Australia, Steven Hughes
Austria, Paul Lürzer
Belgium-Luxembourg, Guido De Bie
California-Nevada-Hawaii (north), Mahmood Bashir
California-Nevada-Hawaii (south), April Charles
Capital, John Tyner II
Carolinas, Elizabeth Tezza
Eastern Canada & Caribbean, Jim Garey
Florida, Charles and Emilia Gugliuzza
France-Monaco, Jean-Pierre Berton
Georgia, John Holley
Germany, Stefan Uhrig
Iceland-Faroes, Óskar Guðjónsson
Illinois-Eastern Iowa, John and Roxanne Vanderheyden
Indiana, Terry White
Italy-San Marino, Giuseppe Azzarà
Japan, Koshiro Kitazato
Kansas, Dot Leakey
Kentucky-Tennessee, Sue Fleschner
Korea, Tae Keun Park
Louisiana-Mississippi-W. Tennessee, Dennis Oliver
Malaysia, Serena Quek
Michigan, Jeffrey Lawther
Minnesota-Dakotas, Bill Daugherty
Missouri-Arkansas, Susan Jespersen
Montana, Ed Mangis and Alida Wright
Nebraska-Iowa, Milford and Lenora Hanna
Netherlands, Sjoerd Timmermans
New England, Dan Bennett
New Jersey, Michael Mulhaul
New York (Long Island), Brenda Leigh Johnson
New York (Northeastern), Kimberly Davis
New York (Western), Ron Parent
New Zealand-South Pacific, Bob Reay
Norden, Carl-Erik Thielemann
Ohio, Cynthia "Cindy" Champer
Pacific Northwest-Washington, Rich Jensen
Pennsylvania, Ethan McBeth
Philippine Luzon, Efi Taylor
Philippine South, Lilibeth Gialogo
Rocky Mountain, Bob Garretson
Southwest, Frank Mills and Ronald Smith
Switzerland-Liechtenstein, see below*
Taiwan, Sheng-Ping (Vivian) Tsai
Texas-Oklahoma, Francine Eikner
Utah-Idaho, Wesley Sine
West Virginia, Rayman Richardson
Western Canada, Ralph Liepold
Wisconsin-Upper Michigan, Marv Amundson

Please contact the Kiwanis International Foundation office if you need a district advocate’s contact information.
*The Switzerland-Liechtenstein District fulfilled its commitments to The Eliminate Project. Fundraising will be completed as of April 2016. Please contact the Kiwanis International Foundation office with questions.