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A simple fundraising idea with big potential

Feb 25, 2016

Lights! Camera! Action! Host a film night to raise funds for the Kiwanis Children's Fund and The Eliminate Project. This idea is perfect for groups of all ages.

Best for: Kiwanis clubs, CKI clubs and Key Clubs

8 weeks for preparation; 3–4 hours on day of event

To do list:

  1. Pick a flick. Decide on a film, time, date and place for the film night. This will likely need to be worked out with a local theater that is willing to donate their space or rent it to you at a discounted rate. Work with the theater on getting a copy of the film you choose. The film may not be available, so think of alternate options.
  2. Sell every seat. Find out the capacity of the theater so you know how many tickets you can sell. Then establish a ticket price. Divide up the total number of seats among your volunteers and task them with selling every ticket.
  3. Educate people. Before the film starts, make a presentation on the Kiwanis Children’s Fund or The Eliminate Project and announce the fundraising total for the evening. Also have an information table near the theater exit so people can learn more—or make a larger gift.
Put your own twist on it: Show the film on an outdoor screen, such as a drive-in, or host a smaller film night at your house with your close friends. Several of these smaller fundraisers held over a year can add up.

Don’t forget:
New films come out all the time. This is an event that can be held multiple times in a year.

Originally shared on in January 2013.