Progress in the field

Feb 17, 2016
Kiwanis International and UNICEF are achieving amazing things through The Eliminate Project. Infant mortality rates have dropped significantly—25 fewer babies die each day—since we joined the global fight against maternal and neonatal tetanus. And, 19 countries have achieved MNT-free status.

But our work isn’t done. In 21 countries, mothers and babies are still at risk. The continued generosity of Kiwanis-family members and clubs around the world is paving the way for UNICEF to implement immunization activities and education campaigns. Here is a sneak peek at how our dollars will help UNICEF in some of those countries:

  • Equatorial Guinea and Niger plan to conduct MNT elimination surveys this year. Each survey will determine whether there is fewer than one case of neonatal tetanus per 1,000 live births in every district of the country (the definition of elimination).
  • Angola, Haiti and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) will conduct pre-validation assessments in 2016, the next-to-last step to determine whether they have eliminated MNT. If successful, these areas will move to the final step: the World Health Organization’s validation survey.
  • In total, 12 countries have immunization activities planned this year.
It’s exciting to see the progress we’re making in the fight to eliminate MNT. But it will only continue if funding is available. Fulfill your promise to save the lives of mothers and babies. Make your gift...and your impact. Give now at