Show your love this Valentine’s Day

Feb 05, 2016

For many, Valentine’s Day is a time to show affection for loved ones through chocolates, flowers and beautifully-worded cards. It is also a chance to show your love for children.

We have quick and easy ways for you to support the Kiwanis Children’s Fund and The Eliminate Project this week.

Sell Valentine’s Day cards. Everyone loves giving and receiving Valentine's Day cards. Create your own cards or purchase in bulk. The great thing about Valentine's Day cards: They can be given to anyone—significant others, friends, family or Kiwanis-family members.

Sell flowers or candy grams. Who doesn’t love candy grams? Sell these individually or in bunches of three. Take these to the office, school or your Kiwanis club.

Craft something. Paper flowers or handmade jewelry. The ideas are endless! Offer your handmade goods in exchange for a donation.

Partner with Circle K International.Show your love, Save a life” is your chance to partner with CKI members to raise money for The Eliminate Project. Contact nearby clubs to see how you can support their efforts this week. Or make a donation to their cause.

Get social. Tell others why you love serving the children of the world. Share your inspiration with us on Facebook and Twitter.