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District chairs are here to help

Feb 01, 2016
District chairs are key to the Kiwanis International Foundation’s success. They are passionate advocates of our mission. They are constant communicators of our core values. They build and strengthen our foundation’s relationships with the Kiwanis family.

These leaders are also resources for members within their districts. Not sure who represents you? Find out below.

2015-16 Kiwanis International Foundation district chairs
(alphabetically by district)

Alabama, Joel Williams
Andean and Central America, Unfilled
Australia, Robert “Bob” Funnell
Austria, Gabriele Neumayr-Stof
Belgium-Luxembourg, Pierre Winkelmolen
California-Nevada-Hawaii, Herman Platzke
Capital, Angus S. “Gus” Lamond Jr.
Carolinas, Doug Day
Czech Republic and Slovakia, Unfilled
Eastern Canada-Caribbean, Unfilled
Ecuador, Unfilled
Florida, Saied Taie-Tehrani
France-Monaco, Unfilled
Georgia, Johnny Johnson
Germany, Joerg Liedtke
Iceland-Faroes, Björn Sigurjónsson
Illinois-Eastern Iowa, Julie Boskey
Indiana, Mariane Carlton-Fisher
Italy-San Marino, Milli Pocorobba
Japan, Masayuki Ishihara
Kansas, William “Bill” Donegan Jr.
Kentucky-Tennessee, John E. Mayfield
Korea, Sung-Keun Park
Louisiana-Mississippi-West Tennessee, Kathy Sonnier
Malaysia, Kwn Serena Quek
Michigan, Richard “Dick” Hitch
Minnesota-Dakotas, E. Charles “Chuck” Schroder
Missouri-Arkansas, Roger Jespersen
Montana, Ron Schafer    
Nebraska-Iowa, Curt Reis
Netherlands, Pieter van der Hammen
New England and Bermuda, David “Dave” Koohy
New Jersey, Mark Esposito
New York, James “Jim” Mancuso
New Zealand-South Pacific, Graham Chick
Norden, Carl-Erik Thielemann
Ohio, Robert “Bob” Buescher
Pacific Northwest, George Cadman
Pennsylvania, Benjamin “Ben” Osterhout
Philippine Luzon, Ivan Velez
Philippine South, Lilibeth Gialogo
Poland, Unfilled
Rocky Mountain, Ashley Lauwereins
Southwest, Unfilled
Switzerland-Liechtenstein, Peter Heer
Taiwan, Lu Chin-Hsiang
Texas-Oklahoma, John Martin
Utah-Idaho, Charles “Chuck” Baker
West Virginia, Sherry Charles
Western Canada, Dan Carruthers
Wisconsin-Upper Michigan, Manfred “Fred” Dietz

Please get in touch with the Kiwanis International Foundation office if you need a chair’s contact information.