Grant story: Dogs who lift limits

Jan 11, 2016

For a child with type-1 diabetes or severe allergies, a dog can be more than a companion. With the right training, a dog can be a lifesaver—reacting to changes in blood sugar or the presence of allergens, then finding and alerting an adult. But “alert service” dogs are also expensive.

The Foothills Kiwanis Club of Boulder, Colorado, is making them available to more local families. A grant from our foundation helped the club provide dogs for free—along with regular classes in which expert volunteers teach families to raise and train a dog for “alert” service.

“Because the dogs and children are out in public, they draw attention wherever they go,” says Linda McMullen, member of The Foothills Kiwanis Club of Boulder. “They’re great ambassadors for Kiwanis.”

It’s not just about health. The dog also lifts some of the limits that continuous adult monitoring can put on a child’s life. In Colorado, that changed life is yet another measure of your gift’s impact.

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