Take control over your legacy

Nov 30, 2015
One of the most exciting things about planned giving is you take control over your own legacy.

Let’s look at your life insurance policy or retirement plan as an example. You should have been asked to name a beneficiary for the accounts should something happen down the road.

It might have seemed like standard practice at the time. Maybe you didn’t consider how generations to come could benefit. But they can!

When you name the Kiwanis International Foundation as the beneficiary of your retirement plan or life insurance policy, we will be able to extend your Kiwanis impact and change children’s lives—even beyond your own. It is a simple way you can make a huge difference.

Our foundation is here to help. We can work with you to determine a gift that makes sense for you and your family—while exploring the tax benefits that might be available.*

To learn more about your planned gift opportunities, visit our website or contact us at

*The Kiwanis International Foundation does not provide legal or tax advice. Please contact your legal and tax advisors.