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Tips for grantseekers

Nov 17, 2015

The Kiwanis International Foundation awards grants to the Kiwanis family in support of our common mission—to serve the children of the world. Our foundation welcomes grant applications from clubs, districts and district foundations for the important projects they support.

We encourage Kiwanis entities to consider the numerous opportunities available to make your project successful. In addition to these tips for submitting a strong grant application to the Kiwanis International Foundation, here are suggestions and resources for grantseekers.

Utilize your district foundation.
Not only do many Kiwanis district foundations offer monetary support, but they are great sources for funding advice. Reach out to your district foundation office to see what resources are available.

Seek multiple funding sources. The more funding sources you have, the more likely your project will be successful. In fact, other partnerships and financial support  also make your application stronger. Consider requesting donations from individuals and other foundations as well; local businesses make great partners for in-kind donations.

Research funding options. There are many research tools, including online directories and indexes. Here are some great resources for finding the interests and restrictions on funding from thousands of potential sources.
  • The Foundation Center, a national nonprofit service organization, maintains a comprehensive database, Foundation Directory Online. Here you can find information on more than 140,000 grantmakers and their grants.
  • GrantStation provides tools for finding new grant sources, building a strong grant-seeking program and ensuring success.
  • The Chronicle of Philanthropy is a news source for nonprofit and philanthropic leaders, institutional investors, corporate grantmakers and charity donors.
  • is a helpful place to find information on federal government grant programs.
Don’t limit yourself. Foundations are not the only potential funding entities to consider when seeking funding for your cause. Open your search to corporations, government agencies and individuals. Familiarize yourself with all sources to understand which organizations best meet your project’s needs. And most important, don’t be afraid to ask.

Check your qualifications. Grant proposals take time. So don’t waste time before finding out you’re not the right fit for a potential grant. Before applying, make sure your interests align with the potential grantmaker’s history and criteria. Are there specific restrictions or eligibility guidelines? All of this should be cleared up in your research process.

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