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New year, new activity for The Eliminate Project

Jan 12, 2015
The Eliminate Project

Happy New Year! In 2015, The Eliminate Project enters the final phase of its fundraising campaign. And we all have one goal: a world without maternal and neonatal tetanus. As of January 4, 2015, the Kiwanis family and UNICEF have raised US$72.4 million to save or protect more than 41 million women and their future babies.

This is a pivotal moment. As we approach our US$110 million goal, you can help build our momentum into a surge of activity before the Kiwanis International convention.

Just US$1.80 protects a woman and her future newborns from MNT. Save a baby every day for a year. Or protect more than 833 lives with a Centennial Award gift.

Together, we can eliminate MNT from the face of the Earth—and ensure that no mother has to watch as her baby dies simply because she didn’t have access to a safe birthing environment or three doses of the tetanus vaccine. It’s time to make history. Extend your Kiwanis impact today ... and help make the world a better place tomorrow.