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Grant project: Flood recovery efforts at Calgary’s Kamp Kiwanis

Jan 09, 2015
New bunks at Kamp Kiwanis

When disaster struck Kamp Kiwanis, it affected thousands of lives. Owned and operated by the Kiwanis Club of Calgary (Downtown), the camp in Alberta, Canada, serves around 7,500 children each year.

It’s a major part of the community, with programs that include Outdoor School, a work-study leadership experience for high schoolers, and field trips for campers with disabilities. Kamp Kiwanis also rents its facility to community groups such as scouts and church groups.

In June 2013, flooding in southern Alberta devastated the grounds. Eight buildings required substantial renovation, including new insulation, walls and flooring. Replacements were needed for hot water heaters, a washer and dryer, and many activity-related supplies. A road even needed to be rebuilt.

The Calgary club began the process by getting help close to home—from local donations and a grant from the Kiwanis Foundation of Canada. Then the Kiwanians turned to the Kiwanis International Foundation. A grant helped the Calgary club get the additional funding it needed. And Kamp Kiwanis is up and running again.

Since our foundation’s grants are made possible by members’ gifts, Kamp Kiwanis is offering its programs to the Calgary community again because of the generosity of Kiwanians like you. It’s another great example of how gifts to our foundation extend your Kiwanis impact. In fact, the grant even helped offset the cost of new and improved flood-prevention measures.

Ultimately, the Kamp Kiwanis Flood Recovery Project succeeded, according to managing director Chris Sheasby. “The grant funds combined with the hard work of volunteers and staff have seen Kamp Kiwanis not only return to an operational state,” he said, “but continue to excel at providing quality experiences for children and their families.”

The partnership of the Kiwanis International Foundation and the Kiwanis Club of Calgary is just one of many inspiring stories made possible by your gifts. Learn more about our foundation—and how it helps children in many places, in many ways.

Debris removal and flood prevention at Kamp Kiwanis