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A message from Kiwanis International Foundation President Bob Parton

Oct 08, 2014
Foundation President Bob Parton
Dear friends in Kiwanis,

This is my first opportunity to thank you for your contributions to the Kiwanis International Foundation. Through this monthly newsletter, our goal is to keep you informed about the impact your gifts have, as together, we “serve the children of the world.”

We can all be proud of the many ways our foundation fulfills its mission. We are dedicated to improving the lives of children, and your gifts help make that possible. Unrestricted donations to the Kiwanis Children’s Fund by individuals and clubs go directly to grants back to clubs, districts and district foundations. Most often, these worthy Kiwanis projects could not be completed without grants from the Kiwanis International Foundation.

As you read the stories in these monthly newsletters, remember that you make them possible.  Every child who receives a parasite-removal medication; every child who enjoys a playground designed for kids of all abilities; every child who is better educated because of computers or other equipment that has been provided; every child who has a safe place to sleep, good food to eat, and decent clothing to wear—each life improved is a measure of your success.   Through your generosity to the Kiwanis International Foundation, these stories are realities.

It is not the size of your gift that is important. It is the impact that makes a huge difference. If you have not made your individual gift this year, please consider doing so now.

I am honored to serve you and I am proud to say thank you for your support of the Kiwanis International Foundation.

Bob Parton
Kiwanis International Foundation President