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Grant project: West Lorne Kiwanians extend your impact to Jamaica

Jul 08, 2014

Eight years ago, Christiana School in Jamaica began to receive help from a new source. That’s when the West Lorne Kiwanis Club in West Lorne, Ontario, began to collect and donate needed items to the school. In 2014, the club’s support for Christiana School reached a new level—thanks to the generosity of the Kiwanis International Foundation’s donors.

With a US$5,000 grant from our foundation, the club’s Jamaican Computers program has supplied the school with 10 laptop computers. While the new laptops will raise the level of the students’ educations, they also represent yet another way in which a gift extends Kiwanians’ impact today.

New support, familiar face

When the West Lorne Kiwanis Club began helping the Christiana School, they were providing new forms of support and inspiration. But they were inspired by a familiar face. Club member Wentworth Newman is an alumnus of the school—and when he returned to visit after many years, he discovered the depth of its need.

Since then, Wentworth and his wife, Julie, have headed up the club’s efforts to collect, clean and ship various items. Along with friends in the community, they’ve sent books, clothing, school supplies—and computers. In fact, the school has even set up a computer lab in recent years because of the club’s help.

Four members of West Lorne Kiwanis Club visited Christiana School in January 2013 and saw firsthand the importance of their work. “The computer lab is completely furnished with computers shipped by our club,” says President Sylvia Logan. “The books that constitute the semblance of a library came from shipments we made.”

Expanding horizons

Now the West Lorne Kiwanians are further improving students’ education and access to technology—in a way that will ultimately benefit about 1,500 children. In fact, the laptops are also ideal because of the small size of the facility itself. Part of the Kiwanis club’s goal is to help the school expand the computer lab to the classroom itself.

While the West Lorne Kiwanis Club is expanding children’s horizons, the Kiwanis International Foundation is extending your impact. In Jamaica, gifts to the Kiwanis Children’s Fund are making the future brighter for children—and improving their lives today.

Learn how you can apply for a grant from the Kiwanis International Foundation by visiting the Kiwanis-family grants page on our website.