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Protecting the connection is possible at any age

Jun 11, 2014

How many 9-year-olds can say that they saved a life—let alone 690 lives?

Gabriella, honorary member of the Three Village Kiwanis Club in New York, may be young, but she did just that. She raised US$1,250 for a Walter Zeller Fellowship, which will save or protect 690 women and their future babies from maternal and neonatal tetanus.

Gabriella’s passion to help keep families whole blossomed when she watched a video about The Eliminate Project with her mother, Julie. Gabriella saw the heartbreaking way babies with tetanus suffer and die and couldn’t imagine not being able to hug her own mom.

So instead of asking for presents for her last birthday she asked for donations to support her cause. Gabriella and her mom included flyers with her birthday party invitations to explain The Eliminate Project.

“This is big deal because she is only 9 years old,” said Julie. “This was more important to her. I was really proud.”

Gabriella also sold Rainbow Loom bracelets to raise money. She started with family and friends, and then, with the help of three girl scouts, Gabriella set up a table at her mother’s Kiwanis Club Duck Race event.

New York District Coordinator Sister Anne-Marie Kirmse presented Gabriella with her Walter Zeller Fellowship medallion and pin at their divisional meeting.