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Project update: Young leaders for the future of the Kiwanis family

May 13, 2014

Kiwanis is a mighty organization. Active club members are everywhere on this Earth doing good in the name of children. But something all Kiwanians know is that in order to continue this work, we must invite new members to join us. The Kiwanis Club of Fata Morgana, City of Villa San Giovanni is taking a proactive approach at training and recruiting a new young generation of Kiwanis leaders.

The Kiwanis Club of Fata Morgana, with the help of the Kiwanis International Foundation, started a program called “Young Leaders for the Future of the Kiwanis Family.” For this program, the club looked to their local high school and invited students to attend meetings, during which the students were told about the benefits of volunteering.

Cleaning a local park as a service project.At the meetings, club members recruited 50 young enthusiastic students to participate in two weekends of intensive training in volunteer supervision, leadership, team-building activities, discussions about Kiwanis culture, and lessons in fundraising for local and international campaigns like The Eliminate Project. The club used their own leaders as well as outside instructors to lead the lessons.

And of course, the students completed service projects in their community. One of the projects was the renovation of a playground in Riace, Italy, called "A world of colors". At the end of the two weekends of training, the group of students self-selected their own leaders to establish their own Key Club.