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Kiwanis Club of Geist makes a silver dollar gift

May 13, 2014

On April 10, the 14-member Kiwanis Club of Geist, Indiana, made a gift of 25 silver dollars to The Eliminate Project—a gift with meaning going back to the very beginning of the Kiwanis International Foundation.

In 1940, just one year after the Kiwanis International Foundation was established, Walter Zeller made a gift of 25 silver dollars—the first-ever gift made to our foundation. The idea behind his gift was to inspire his fellow Kiwanians to also contribute what they could to our foundation. And that’s exactly what happened when his 25 silver dollars were auctioned off, amounting to a total gift of US$625.

So, on the morning of April 10, Kiwanis Club of Geist president David Cox presented 25 silver dollars to Ann Updegraff Spleth, Kiwanis International Foundation COO. These silver dollars are worth US$500.

And it’s not just the gift that makes this club notable. The Kiwanis Club of Geist is also the first Model Club in their division.

“Everytime I hear about The Eliminate Project, I’m struck by how lucky we are in this part of the world,” said Greg Purvis, Kiwanis Club of Geist member. “I think we should help whenever we can.”

Cox echoed Purvis’ comments.

“This gift is a sign of our commitment to help, not only, the children of the Geist area, but the children of the world. We’re making a global impact with our club. It’s our duty and responsibility to help those that need help.”