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The annual club gift vs. club giving campaign

May 08, 2014

The work of the Kiwanis International Foundation is made possible by our annual giving program, which encourages support for many of the great projects we support. Part of the annual giving program is the club giving campaign—a strong source of support for our foundation. The club giving campaign is made up of several yearly appeals; one of which is the Annual Club Gift.

The Annual Club Gift is simply that, a club gift. Many members are familiar with this traditional giving program—annual support of at least US$5 per member. This appeal makes up a majority of the club giving program. Clubs that make a gift through the Annual Club Gift appeal will receive recognition from our foundation in the form of a banner patch.

But more importantly, a club’s Annual Club Gift is counted towards a club’s Today Club status.

Other appeals through the club giving campaign include a Skip-A-Meal gift and ones that encourage clubs to recognize volunteers and leaders in their communities. And your club gift extends your Kiwanis impact by helping provide grants to important Kiwanis projects that otherwise would not be possible.

That’s a long answer to the question what is the difference between the Annual Club Gift and the club giving campaign. The short answer is that the Annual Club Gift is part of the club giving campaign and that club and individual gifts are counted toward your Today Club status.

For nearly 75 years, the Kiwanis International Foundation has seen results because of gifts made by clubs and individuals alike. We’ve seen the impact made in children’s lives because of the financial support of our foundation. We’ve shared many of these stories in our foundation’s monthly newsletter (subscribe today at When you make a gift to our foundation, you extend your Kiwanis impact around the globe.