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Generate some excitement for Skip-A-Meal with these ideas!

Mar 21, 2014

The Kiwanis International Foundation’s Skip-A-Meal program is a longstanding campaign that encourages clubs and individuals to take a creative approach to giving to our foundation by skipping a meal and making a gift. This one simple act can make a difference!

The Skip-A-Meal program encourages Kiwanians and non-Kiwanians to stay at home for dinner instead of going out, take your lunch to work or simply make your coffee at home instead of waiting in line at a coffee shop. Then, donate the savings to the Kiwanis International Foundation. Many clubs participate in Skip-A-Meal by forgoing the meal at their club meetings and donating those savings to our foundation.

The Skip-A-Meal program is a great opportunity to create awareness of the mission of Kiwanis International, all our foundation does to support it and how the Skip-A-Meal program helps support the our foundation’s grants program. Every Kiwanis-family member can participate in Skip-A-Meal. Members of K-Kids, Builders Club, Key Club International, Circle K International, Aktion Club and Kiwanis clubs are eligible. And so are non-Kiwanians! Invite participation and contributions from places of worship, schools, businesses, service and civic groups, government offices and others.

Here are two great examples of how a club and an individual have made the most of this opportunity by not only raising funds for the Kiwanis International Foundation, but creating more awareness of it too!

This story was shared with us a few years ago and it’s one of our favorites! To generate some excitement and drum up participation for their club’s Skip-A-Meal participation, the Kiwanis Club of New Kingston, Jamaica  adopted a weight-loss theme for Skip-A-Meal. They started a contest they called “KCNK Biggest Loser.” To enter the contest, club members were required to make a gift to Skip-A-Meal and have their weight measured. Every week thereafter, participants were weighed again. If their weight had gone up since the last measurement, participants were “fined” per pound. First- second- and third-place awards were given to the top three “biggest losers.”

Could your club start its own “Biggest Loser” fundraiser? Skip-A-Meal is a great opportunity to look for creative new ways to engage club members, have fun and make a tremendous impact with a gift to Kiwanis International Foundation.

Maybe you’d like something more low-key? How about hosting a spaghetti dinner at your house and asking all that attend to please make a small donation to Skip-A-Meal. At the same time, spend a few minutes sharing with those in attendance what Kiwanis is all about.  Maybe they’d be interested in becoming a Kiwanian themselves. What a great way to support the foundation and at the same time share the Kiwanis mission with some potential new members.

We challenge you to come up with your own activity for April and think of ways you can get not just Kiwanians involved, but your neighbors, friends and family.

Host a barbecue at your club and invite the neighborhood. Suggest that attendees make a gift to
Skip-A-Meal. Have a garage sale at your house and sell healthy snacks and have those dollars go to Skip-A-MealAsk a local restaurant to partner with your Kiwanis Club and take part in Skip-A-Meal. Where a percentage of the meals they serve go to Skip-A-Meal.

Anything will work as long as your club believes in the mission of Kiwanis and makes a good faith effort to raise funds for Skip-A-Meal. Your participation is appreciated. The dollars raised go to support the Kiwanis International Foundation grant program.

Do you have a great idea for Skip-A-Meal? Share it with us.